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In many situations a balance between IP owners and consumers can be accomplished by using an open source license, but open source licenses don’t work in all situations. In these cases an alternative method is needed to protect the end users investment in a particular Intellectual Property. This is where IP Escrow (Source Code Escrow, Technology Escrow, etc.) comes into the picture.

Traditional IP escrow releases the Deposit Materials in the event of a predefined “release trigger”, but the licensee is limited by the terms of the agreement, and these release triggers are often poorly defined events that require legal action or arbitration, if a release can even be achieved.

With Open Source Escrow there is only one release trigger (generally business failure, but defined for each client). When this trigger occurs the Intellectual Property is released with an open source license, and is available to the general public.

This makes Open Source Escrow the simplest, most innovative and cost effective system available to provide the protection of IP Escrow, eliminating the need to get involved in complicated contracts and negotiations, or adding clients to a list of beneficiaries.

Please see Concepts for a more detailed explanation and the benefits to both IP owner and consumer.

About us

We are a small family run company. We have a background in software development that helps us understand the unique needs of software companies and their clients. Open Source Escrow was founded because we were looking for a product to provide this type of escrow, and couldn’t find anyone offering such a product.
We feel that if fills a gap in the Intellectual Property Escrow market, and helps to level the playing field especially for smaller companies.

Our small size, and customer service driven approach allows us to provide personalized service to our clients. We encourage you to look around our site, and contact us if you have any questions at all.